Your very own bottle of sexism and degradation

Ads for liquor so often use women and sexuality in their ad campaigns. While I don’t agree with the constant sexualisation of women that seems to be common place in the media, I can often view it without becoming completely enraged. G-spirits has taken this idea to a whole new level (and along with it, my rage). According to their website (fair warning: the majority of the website is quite pornographic, I’ve linked to the least so of the pages) they believe that taste isn’t the only thing that matters when it comes to enjoying a drink fully. Apparently the feeling that you get from a bottle, including the process it went through while being made, plays a large role in how you experience the taste of what you’re drinking. Inspired by a company who filters their vodka through diamonds (which in itself seems incredibly ridiculous and unnecessary), G-Spirits has taken this to a whole new level and pours their liquor over the breast of a model before bottling (their whiskey being poured over the breasts of this year’s Playmate of the Year).

This is their selling factor, and it’s incredibly degrading to both women and men. With the statement on their website that “there is nothing more than the erotism of a beautiful woman” they have boiled the value of women down to only their looks and what they’re worth as a sexual being. It’s degrading to men because they actually think men are shallow enough to purchase this just because it’s been poured over a woman’s breasts. Women are worth so much more than their “erotism” and looks, and I like to think that the majority of men are smart enough to purchase their alcohol based on its qualities as a spirit, not solely because it’s been poured over a porn stars breasts.