What’s on my mind…

Why is it that we can accept that people are naturally taller or shorter, have bigger or smaller breasts, large or tiny feet, but we can’t accept that some people are just naturally fatter or thinner? Why is it so culturally ingrained in our heads that fatter people are doing something wrong to be that size?

Maybe, like breast size, it’s just the way they’re built. A woman with naturally large breasts didn’t do anything special to have them, they just happened to be that size when she was done puberty. Just like someone who has smaller breasts didn’t do anything special to have breasts that size, that’s just the way she was made. Just like the majority of women and men (“underweight”, “normal weight”, “overweight” and “obese” all included) probably aren’t doing anything special to be the size that they are, they just happen to be that size because that’s where their biology put them.

There is nothing inherently wrong with any weight. Some people are just naturally *insert weight descriptor here*. Sure, some overweight and obese people overeat, but so do some normal weight or even underweight people. Their bodies simply process the food in a different way. Some overweight people also eat really healthy, the same as some normal weight people, and yet they are still that size. This isn’t something that this person is doing wrong, it’s just the way their biology works and is not something that they should be looked down upon for.

Why is fat hatred and fat shaming still considered to be an acceptable form of bigotry in our society, often under the guise of “concern for their health”? Or even worse, often just as a somehow socially accepted form of bullying? Because let’s be honest, when you’re making a comment about how someone is “too fat to wear that” or any other unnecessary remark centered around someone’s weight and body, you’re right on par with every other bully out there. Another person’s body is none of your business and you have no right or need to judge.