A feast

I went to a party last night, the housewarming of a friend of my boyfriends. She’s apparently well known in their social circle as being a good cook, so everyone was looking forward to what was coming that night. The attitude of this group towards food was refreshing.

My family and friends always tend to casually saunter towards food without any rush. Without wanting to look like the person who had no self control, who couldn’t stave off their natural urge to just eat when they’re hungry or when they’re presented with food (because that’s the point of a dinner party, no?).¬†Even at big events that are centered around food like Thanksgiving, it feels like no one wants to be first in line. I don’t know if this is based on politeness or not wanting to look like the pig who couldn’t show any restraint, but I know my own personal experience is that I didn’t want to look like the pig.

This was different though. This was amazing. As this girl brought out dish after delicious dish the crowd clamoured to the table. Every time it happened it came as a surprise to me. I had picked sub-optimal seating, on the floor near the table, not knowing what I was getting myself into. I knew that it would get crowded with people coming to get food, but I didn’t know that I would be risking getting trampled as people stampeded over to see what this new delight was.

I couldn’t stop my old habits, restraining myself and only trying just a bit so as not to look like the fat one in the room who couldn’t control herself. This was completely ridiculous considering the excitement that everyone else was showing over the simple event of food being placed on the table. I realized how silly this was even as I thought it, but I couldn’t bring myself to do something that felt so unnatural and go back for seconds. I sat there and thought about how fantastic it was that people could just eat, without judgement on themselves or others, they could eat as much or as little as they wanted and enjoy every single bite.

This is my new goal for when I go back home for Christmas. The majority of my family isn’t particularly religious, so the point of the holiday is about the family, the friends, and the food. So instead of holding back and hoping that someone gets in line first, I’m going to dive right in and start. And I’m going to take as much or as little of everything that I want, because this is a meal that only happens once a year, so why can’t we live it up and enjoy it a little?