Will a body ever be enough?

In an effort to learn to love my body more, I’ve given up a lot of mainstream media. I don’t currently own a tv or buy magazines, and I try to pay as little attention to advertisements as I can while walking down the street. I haven’t yet given up the internet, but for the most part I spend my time on websites and blogs that are trying to promote positive body image and less time on websites like Cosmo. Because of this I miss out on a lot of the most appalling things that media is doing today, but some of these blogs I read wake me up to the horrific reality that is modern media.

While reading through the blog on About Face I discovered the recent scandal involving some photographs taken of model Karlie Kloss by photographer Greg Kadel. The intent of my post isn’t to call into question the size of the model or the intentions of the photographer, but rather to call into question the actions of Numéro magazine.

Magazines have turned into a double-edged sword where it seems like absolutely no body type is good enough. It starts with only choosing women who they deem to be almost thin enough, and then they photoshop them to be thinner. And now, they have found this elusive body, the body who is on its own actually “acceptable” and is able to make an appearance in a magazine just the size it is, but the reality of it is too offensive to spare even her from photoshop.

Karlie Kloss is dramatically thin, and the reality of that means that her rib cage is prominently visible in the photographs taken by Greg Kadel. Because of this, Numéro magazine went to the effort of photoshopping the photograph so that her ribs were no longer visible. This possibly frustrates me even more than photoshopping a model to make her appear thinner. This woman has somehow achieved the “ideal” body type for this publication, a waist that is finally thin enough that it needs no retouching, and yet she still isn’t good enough. Somehow magazines want a model with this “ideal” body type, but the reality of that body type isn’t something they want to show, and so even this drastically thin model is told that she too, isn’t good enough.