Just something to think about

“Consider Hollywood’s current It Girl, Keira Knightley. Knightley has a body mass that places her in the second percentile of the population. If her weight were to deviate as radically in the other direction – in other words if she were in the 98th percentile of body mass – she would weigh approximately 300 pounds.

Yet Knightley is presented by our media-industrial complex as a completely natural object of male desire, while men attracted to 300-pound women are considered to be in the grip of a bizarre fetish.”

Paul Campos

I don’t think Campos is saying that there’s anything wrong with being attracted to women of either size (he is the author of the the Diet Myth after all), but just how skewed it is that we can place someone on one end of the spectrum on a pedestal, but someone on the other end is deemed completely¬†unacceptable.