A list of things my weight says about me:

A list of things my weight says about me:

  1. How much I weigh.

That’s it. It is my “numerical reflection of [my] relationship with gravity” if you will. And that number doesn’t mean a damn thing. It does not and can not say a thing about my health, how much I eat, my morals and beliefs, my character or attitude. It does not define me as a person or make claims about who I am. My weight can’t tell you what I had for dinner last night or what I’ll have for breakfast this morning. It doesn’t make a moral claim about whether I’m a good or bad person. All those attributions are created by society.

Having more fat on your body doesn’t automatically mean that you eat more, are unhealthy, are lazier, are stupid, or smell. Having less fat on your body alternately also doesn’t mean that you eat less, are healthier, are more active, smarter, and smell better. People with either type of body, and everywhere in between, are their own individual self and are made up from such a complex combination of characteristics that you simply can’t define someone and make assumptions based solely on their body size. Get to known a person for who they really are, rather than judging them for what you think they are based on stereotypes.